The sexual function in men can be enhanced with the help of the ED medicines that are specially developed to cure such disorder as male impotence. Men, who experience the disorders of a sexual character, often ignore the first signs of the erectile problems. Such ignorance can lead to the bad consequences. Very often, erectile dysfunction does not demand the proper therapy treatment. In such cases, men experience ED on the psychological level. Such condition can be fixed with the help of the psychological therapy. Often, such form of ED occurs in the married couples in the result of the continual stresses and the problems in a family. However, the usage of ED medicines is the most widespread way in the cure for male impotence. The reason of this statement is that ED medicines are quite affordable for an average man and the cure by such method is not painful. Of course, there are other ways of ED cure that include the injections, an operation or even the penile implants. But such preventive methods are very expensive and demand certain time for the patient’s recovery. That is why, the doctors, who cure the patients with ED, recommend taking ED medications.

Every drug used in the field of sexual dysfunction cure should correspond to the certain demands of FDA. The mandatory condition for every ED drug is the presence of a PDE 5 inhibitor in the chemical composition. Only due to the effect of an enzyme inhibitor, a man can enhance his sexual capacity and get the stimulation of an erection. Almost every chemical ingredient that can kill the so-called pathogen is named as an enzyme inhibitor. The explanation of this phenomenon can help you to understand the essence of ED medicines. An enzyme inhibitor binds to an enzyme to prevent activity of an infectious agent that causes the different diseases and disorders in a human body. This inhibitor can also correct the metabolic imbalance. As a result, a person treats one or another disease caused by a pathogen.

The chemical formula of an ED medication consists of an enzyme inhibitor that is called a PDE 5 inhibitor. “PDE 5” means that this component is capable of providing a strong erection while dissolving in an organism. The erectile stimulation is possible due to the blood circulation increased to the sexual organ of a man. If we consider the famous ED drugs, we should name Brand Viagra, Brand Cialis and Brand Levitra. All of them are available online. Each of these medicines includes its unique PDE 5 inhibitor invented by a pharmaceutical corporation. For example, Pfizer’s Viagra is a brand name of an enzyme inhibitor called Sildenafil Citrate. Due to its operation in a male body the erectile stimulation for 4 hours is possible.

Brand Cialis includes such enzyme inhibitor as Tadalafil. This element was invented by the famous drug company Ely Lilly. Men, who took Tadalafil tablets on a regular basis, can be sexually active for 36 hours. And, finally, Brand Levitra includes an enzyme called Vardenafil that is active in an organism up to 12 hours. All generic versions and analogs of these original drugs should include the same PDE 5 inhibitor in their chemical formula. Such Sildenafil medicine as Kamagra is not the generic Brand Viagra version. However, it is another effective ED drug with Sildenafil Citrate.


Kamagra tablets affect an organism of a man in the same way as Brand Viagra. Sildenafil – a chemical ingredient of the medicine – fills the penis with the increased blood circulation. This condition is mandatory for the maintenance of an erection. Another obligatory demand for the erectile stimulation is sexual desire of a man. Sildenafil Citrate delivers sexual capacity for 4 hours. It also relaxes the smooth muscles of the sexual organ. You can buy cheap Kamagra at any local drug store or online.


The ED drugs with Sildenafil Citrate cannot be simultaneously used with the pills that consist of nitrates, with grapefruit juice, alcohol, fatty meal, other ED medications, fungal drugs, HIV medicines and tablets for high or low blood pressure.


The indications of kamagra usage should be prescribed by your doctor. In the case when you have penis deformations or you use some vitamins and herbal supplements, tell your medical specialist about these conditions. Use Kamagra pills only when you are unable to maintain an erection or you have other problems with your sexual health. One tablet of Kamagra is the maximum dosage of the medicine per 24 hours. Each pill comprises 100 mg of Sildenafil.


The drug should be stored in the place that is not available for small children. Another required condition is that Kamagra should be placed in a place far from sunlight and moisture. Follow the instructions pointed on the drug prescription label.